Solo Jazz Course: 5th May – 2nd June 2020


An online Solo Jazz 5-week course with video materials, personal feedback and a dedicated secret webpage for all class notes and resources.
All levels welcome – currently catering to:

|| On this course we will work on ||
– Solo Jazz repertoire
– Exercises and drills to improve rhythm, timing, movement quality and fluidity
– a Solo Jazz routine to help integrate new moves and ideas
– Challenges to have fun with and develop improvising with Solo Jazz

|| Resources on this course include ||
– Access to a secret course-specific website access, featuring all resources and support
– Weekly email providing new video content for exercises and challenges, routine overview and routine breakdown explanation
– Music to practice to
– Inspirational videos
– Written class notes each week
– Upload your practice video and send it online to receive personal feedback
– Recommended practice schedule and itinerary
– Weekly check in with you and your dance progress

|| Video Chat ||
New for this course! Join a Zoom video chat with Michaela and the other students on the course on the second and the final week to check in with your progress. If requested this live check in can happen each week.

|| Timings ||
Every Tuesday:
6pm – Fresh content uploaded to the course website, you’ll receive an email with all website and content links
Second and Last Tuesday of the course (12th May and 2nd June):
7.15pm-7.45pm – Beginners/Improvers video chat
8.15pm-8.45pm – Intermediate/Advanced video chat


Classes are run using pre-recorded videos and online materials sent out on Tuesday evenings so you can work through the content in your own time at your own pace. You can join the video chat to check in with your progress, ask questions and say hi to your fellow course-mates! Feel free to email me with any questions or issues.


1. What time is the class?
– all materials are online and pre-recorded, so no obligation to tune in live. You’ll get a weekly email on Tuesdays at 6pm with fresh content to get dancing with, plus all the content will be uploaded to the course webpage which only students can access. We’ll have a 30-minute live video chat on the 12th May and 2nd June to check in, but this is optional (and can be extended to all Tuesdays if there is request for it). 7.15pm for Beginners/Improvers, 8.15pm for Intermediate/Advanced

2. Which level should I go for?
– Beginners/Improvers is for people wanting to work on the basics, and probably good for anyone new or relatively new to solo jazz. It’s also a good way to build confidence and get a solid framework for routine learning, exploration and improvisation in solo jazz
– Intermediate/Advanced is for people who have done enough solo jazz classes to know the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple or similar routines, and have a basic understanding of many solo jazz moves already. We’ll work on trickier combos, essential technique, challenging rhythms and movements.

3. What if the level I chose is actually too easy/challenging? Can I change?
– yes you can change level at any time! You’ll get access to all the weeks of content for the new level (but will be removed from accessing material from the level you’re stopping).
– if you’d like more challenging content and you’re already in the Intermediate/Advanced course, feel free to message me 

4. Do I have to send a video of my dancing?
– totally optional! But helpful if you want some direct weekly feedback 

5. What if I need longer to complete the course/I miss a week of learning the material?
– take as much time as you need. The material will be available for at least 3 weeks after the last date of the course, but can be extended for individuals who still need more time. Just let me know if that’s you!

6. I missed the start date! Can I start this course now? (a few weeks into the course)
– of course! You can start whenever you like. The only difference will be that if you join part way through, a few weeks of content will already be uploaded to the website. Everything is labelled for each week though so you can still follow it sequentially, or you can pick-and-mix the content at your leisure.

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